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What is Backupper?

Backupper is powerful and flexible data backup software, which can help both users and IT specialists to organize regular backup of valuable documents and folders, grouped or alone. Backupper is shareware: you can try Backupper before you buy it.

There are two editions of Backupper with different functionality.

Backupper Standard

    Backupper Standard has all functions necessary for manual and automatic backup of local and network data.

Backupper Professional

    Backupper Professional has extended features compared to Backupper Standard: it supports remote control and can work as a Windows NT/200x/XP service.

Key features of Backupper


  • Automatic mode: Backupper creates backups automatically on specified schedule.
  • Backup history: Backupper keeps a specified number of old versions of each backup. This ensures that you will not lose data if the last version of backup contains damaged files.
  • Automatic replication: Backupper can copy new backups into several locations within local area network. Thus you can keep several backup copies on different computers to avoid data loss in case of computer failure.
  • Restoration rollback: When a backup is restored into source data directory, current files in that directory can be automatically saved into a subsidiary backup. This allows you to undo restoration if restored data happen to be damaged or outdated.
  • Data consistency check: Backupper can automatically redo backup in case some data files were changed during last backup creation.
  • Notifications: Backupper can send notifications about its operations and status. Thus, you will be aware of any problems and will be able to resolve them in time.

   Backupper: Manager main window

  • File selection rules: For each data set you can easily set up the list of files to be stored in backup. You can also use unique advanced rule mode for more flexible file setup.
  • Differential backup mode: You can save disk space by backing up only new and updated data files.
  • Schedules: You can specify schedule and backup parameters individually for each data set.
  • Passwords: You can protect settings and backups with passwords to prevent undesirable access to your information.
  • OS integration: Backupper Professional can run as a Windows NT/200x/XP service.


  • Interface: Backupper has user friendly explorer style graphical interface.
  • Wizards: Special wizards make setup easy and clear.
  • Backup format: Backups are stored in standard ZIP format and can be restored with other utilities (PKZIP, WINZIP, WINRAR, etc).
  • Data storage: You can export backups to external media. If necessary, backup can be spanned to several disks.
  • Multithreads: Backupper can process several tasks simultaneously. This means that you can setup options or view its log while Backupper is backing up one or more data sets.
  • Remote access and control: With Backup Professional you can operate settings and backups remotely. E.g. you can setup Backupper on LAN server from your own workstation.

Try it for Free

Download now free trial of Backupper Standard. This trial is full featured edition of Backupper Standard limited only for 30 days usage. Note that even after 30 day trial period Backupper will keep running active backup tasks so you can easy upgrade for full version without losing any settings of backup tasks and schedules.

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