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Backupper Standard

Backupper Standard is a universal file backup utility. It supports flexible, yet clear, way to set up backup schedule and options, including file selection rules, backup replication, backup collection size, etc. On a workstation within a local area network Backupper Standard can back up remote data as well as put backups on network resources to achieve higher protection.

Backupper Professional

If your company has a local area network, it is most likely that the most valuable and bulky sets of data are located on a dedicated server. In this case, the quickest and the most reliable way to backup these data is to run backup software directly on the server. However, backup utility should have some special features in order to guarantee stable and reliable data backup. The most important features and abilities are:
  • Running as a Windows service.
    This feature is essential for autonomous twenty-four-hour long-term work.
  • Remote setup and control.
    It is a common practice that LAN server is situated in a separate room and works in autonomous mode. Therefore the administrator should be able to setup and check backup options remotely.
  • Notifications.
    A truly autonomous reliable backup utility should notify administrator of its successful and, above all, unsuccessful operations.
All of these abilities are implemented in Backupper Professional, which makes it a reliable but easy and inexpensive solution for server based data backup.

Free trial

You can try Backupper before you buy it. Backupper Standard editions has two versions of installation package: a trial version and an unrestricted version. Trial version can be freely downloaded. Unrestricted versions are not freely available, you need buy Backupper to get an unrestricted version.

Trial version of Backupper has all features of the unrestricted version of the corresponding edition, but you can use it only for a trial period of 30 days. When the trial period is over, Backupper supports previously set backup tasks but disables changes of previously made settings and operations on backups except viewing backup properties and contents.


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